about us
sugarmosaic [シュガーモザイク / シュガモザ]

sugarmosaic is Pop-music trio in Japan.
Our motto is "relieves city dweller without tenderness ".

くみ [kumi]

Born in 1990.

Favorite Artists: Perfume,Rhizomatiks and Shinku-Horo.

producer / composer / engineer
にゃくろ [nyakuro]

Born in 1988.

Favorite Artists: Masashi Hamauzu, London Elektricity, Yoko Kanno, sfp, Jazzin' park, aus.

Currently active as a Tonic Flow's composer, also.

designer / engineer
monoraldee [monoraldee]

born in 1990.

Favorite Artists: "thee silver mt zion memorial orchestra and tra la la band with choir".